Better Luck Next Time

by Curse Words

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released May 4, 2016

Curse Words is:
Tommy Colliton - Vocals/Guitar
Peter Grillot - Vocals/Guitar
Aaron Kendeall - Bass/Backing Vocals
Craig Hall - Drums/Percussion

Gang vocals by Curse Words

All songs written & arranged by Curse Words

All songs tracked and produced by Pablo Cabrera except Sunk Rock and Strange Shapes

Sunk Rock and Strange Shapes recorded and tracked by Ben Lazo at Inner Ear Studios - Arlington, VA 22206

All songs mixed and mastered by Pablo Cabrera at Precocious Studio - Annandale, VA



all rights reserved


Curse Words Washington, D.C.

Guitar/Vocals: Tommy
Guitar/Vocals: Pete
Bass: Aaron
Drums: Craig

Passive aggressive
Punk rock meets death by bar tabs
Presenting Curse Words

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Track Name: Mission Control
You hear the steel cry under the pressure
All to aware of all my failures
I got a ship, her name is Avalon
She's my refuge from the sun

Mission Control, All Systems Go!
7 6 5 4 3 2 One!
Breaking rocks on a dying sun

They used to say the grass is always greener
but how the fuck should I know man, I never seen it
All my fears come into fruition,
Ask me what I've done!

Mission Control, Please let me go!
4 3 2 1, What have I done
Breaking rocks on a dying sun
Track Name: Marianna
We couldn’t wait to get older, you know we never could
Armed with these shit eating smiles we were always up to no good
Oh we were burying our innocence
With basement experiments

Hey Marianna,
I think that you should know
That I can still taste the blood in the back of throat
Hey Marianna,
I think that you should know
There is no going back

Well I could feel the change inside and I know you felt it too
We had never been this high, we fell in love with the new
Oh we were burning with that teen heat
Embracing immortality

So tell me how much is too much of a good thing
Because I don’t want to lose this feeling that's inside of me

I was singing out loud all of the wrong notes
While you were lying in your bed trying not to choke
Wondering when the world would stop to spin
And wake up wanting to start this whole thing over again
Track Name: See You In Hell (In a Good Way)
I'll see you in hell

Annihilated vox resonate through the walls
In pursuit of these ambitious strings
Let the night consume the dawn
I'll fucking burn it all
Drugs found then lost, I'm lost again

We are all outcasts so lets show them why
I ain't afraid to die
(I'm afraid to die)

I'll see you in hell

Disorder! Not disdain!
Beyond the dash lies charcoal; in our wake the flames
Let's become unstuck rushing tides
This weary fucking rotation of the world defied

We are all outcasts so lets show them why
I ain't afraid to die
I ain't afraid to die

I'll see you in hell
Track Name: Strange Shapes
I've been seeing strange shapes in all sorts of sizes
They say that love is the truth no matter how it’s disguised
There were square pegs stuck in round holes
There were golf balls lodged inside of blowholes

Pardon me for staring but I just couldn’t look away
I know everyone is beautiful in their own way
It makes my mouth dry, it turns my eyes red
I was dreaming about leaving but I think I'm going to stay in bed

I’ve been seeing strange shapes, it’s more than I can fathom
My head is spinning like a windmill while I'm off chasing dragons
There were pixies, dancing around a cyclops
And a pair of skeletons, racing down the sidewalk

I was creeping, just watching from my safe space
At the wild wonders that decorate my landscape
It makes my heart thump, it makes my hands sweat
But if everybody's jumping off well I think I better dive in

I can’t make sense of the scenery that surrounds me
Track Name: Sunk Rock
Hash was home alone and could have used a helping hand
Trying to save the worlds a heavy task for just one man
The casualties were high hard not to have survivors guilt
My baby used to sing now she’s just choking on the silt

Just another casualty lying face first on the cold and soggy ground
It was the day the music drowned

I got a call from Craig saying that house was underwater
But what’s dead may never die, only rise again, harder stronger
By the time the day was over we all were covered in mud
But no one ever minds getting dirty when its for something that you love

Just another casualty lying face first on the cold and soggy ground
it was the day the music drowned

We kept our heads held high
Waited for a change in tide
Our ankles were soaking wet
(Soaking Wet!)
But our cuff were bone dry

And when it rains it always pours
and when it rains it always pours
and when it rains it always pours
and when it floods it breaks down the goddamn basement door.
Track Name: Blackbox
Set the world on fire
You got the petrol but you're thinking that it's holy water
as the yellow mask break free I know
in 30,000 i'll be drowning in the ocean

So what's it like in the end
I thought about all the things that I should have said
we talked about about the I could of done
Held your hand and waited for the oceans tides
oh they'll carry me on

Don't like the thoughts that you put in my head
What makes you feel we're better off dead

As I look out
All I see is an engine fire
She looks out
She sees a world thats passed her by
He looks out
He sees the one that's on its side
As I look out
All I see is an engine fire
Track Name: Better Luck Next Time
Too stupid to learn
Too old to change
Just a couple of punks stuck in our ways

Better luck next time

Too old to change
Too stupid to learn
You want to salt the earth you want to watch it burn

Better luck next time

Better luck next time (ad Infinitum)